6 Benefits of Toothpaste Tablets

    1. Gently & Effective
      JentleCo Toothpaste Tablets gently remove surface stains to whiten your teeth, fight plaque, prevent tartar and leave your mouth refreshed—all without harsh chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), preservatives and artificial colors. Enjoy naturally cleaner teeth from your first brush.

    2. Easy To Use
      Simply chew on a tablet, wet a toothbrush, brush normally, rinse and smile!

    3. No Cross-Contamination
      With individual tablets, there's no worry of cross-contamination for those sharing the same tube.

    4. Eco-Friendly
      Normal toothpaste tubes usually contain layers of plastic and foil that make it difficult to recycle. That means each tube you throw away likely ends up in a landfill or ocean, lasting up to hundreds of years. We eliminate the tube completely. Our toothpaste tablets come in refills sealed in biodegradable and compostable cellulose (not plastic) and packed in recyclable paper boxes. Store them in a reusable airtight container of your choice. Better for you and better for the environment.

    5. Great For Travel
      Unlike normal toothpaste that contains water and preservatives to prevent the growth of microorganisms, our tablets are solid, liquid-free and great for travel. Have you ever had to discard a full tube of toothpaste at the airport just because you forgot it’s past the liquid limit? Now you can travel care-free with toothpaste tablets.

    6. Mess-Free Convenience
      How about squeezing all that paste? Too little or accidentally too much? What about the leftovers always still stuck inside when you're nearly finished? With toothpaste tablets, just take one to chew, brush and rinse.